5 Marketing Trends for 2020

With a new year (and a new decade!) upon us, it’s always a great time to take an assessment of your current landscape and see where things stand. In the world of marketing, things change at a breakneck speed and that trend doesn’t look to slow down anytime soon. While we’ve had great success with some of our current strategies and will continue to hone those as we move forward in the new year, here are some new trends that we’re keeping an eye on that will help to improve your marketing.


If you’re not doing it already, this is the year for dynamic content, I’m putting it on record now. With so many ads being thrown out there by brands, it’s easy to get lost in the never-ending sea of generic ads. This is when the real marketer separates themselves from the pack with dynamic content.

It’s proven that shoppers are more likely to engage and make a purchase with personalized content, so why aren’t you doing it? There are endless options that can be utilized to create a personal connection to the user that will drive them to convert. I’m not talking about simple location-based targeting, I’m talking about adaptive content that changes based on the user’s demographics, behaviors, preferences, even the current weather at their location!

Serving ads that are relevant and interesting while supporting it with the exact content that will help push the customer to convert will THE strategy for 2020.


Businesses have a problem. Most people, as much as 75% according to some studies, don’t trust brands and businesses as they just see them as after their money. How does one eliminate this stigma? Authenticity.

There’s no better way to build brand loyalty and instill trust in consumers than to simply be you. Let your personality shine. Show users the good times and the bad. Let them know how much they mean to you. If you’re authentic, you’ll naturally attract engagement.

There really isn’t much more to say about this as it’s pretty self-explanatory, but yet it’s still a strategy that few businesses have latched on to.


With the proliferation of smart speakers in today’s home, optimizing for voice search cannot be overlooked. As technology advances and search engine use patterns change, we as marketers have to sit back and look at how we can move along with the medium. In this case, we need to think about how people are interacting with voice search and how that affects search engine optimization and PPC strategies.

While a quality marketing team has already been focused on long-tail keywords and queries, voice search has led to a natural transition into focusing on conversational queries. Think about how people will utilize voice search and focus your SEO, PPC, and content strategy around that.


Content marketing is an area that has been widely used for a while, but this year we’re really seeing a focus on less quantity, and more quality. With so many people utilizing content marketing, it’s become harder and harder for it to be an effective strategy when you’re just pumping out generic content.

That’s why a focus on diversifying your content strategy with quality content is critical for content success. Mix things up with video, and especially live video, but don’t forget about written content. By diversifying your content strategy with a well thought out content plan (don’t just throw stuff together), you can make the most of your efforts with successful content that improves your SEO and helps drive brand loyalty and engagement.


Stick with me, I know you’ve heard this one before but not much has changed since marketers first started banging the drums about video. While we see brands experimenting with video fairly often, with varying degrees of success, one of the things we don’t see is a proper video content strategy in place that helps drive your video content to further propel your overall marketing strategy. For example, each video that you produce or have produced should help drive customers further into your funnel, which determines the type of video and level of polish that you place on it.

Are you reaching out to consumers in the introductory phase? Then a highly polished video made by a skilled production team is your best bet (Hey, we know some people!). Looking to drive engagement and brand loyalty on social, a behind-the-scenes video works great.


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